Jingbo Zhang

Post-doctoral Fellow

Email: teawhale@gmail.com


  • Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University 2015-current
  • Visiting Student, Department of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University 2013-2015
  • Ph.D., Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010-2015
  • M.S., Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2007-2010
  • B.S., College of Life and Environmental Science, Minzu University of China 2003-2007

Research Interests

My current research focuses on evolutionary developmental genetics of flowers, specifically the floral symmetry evolution in Solanaceae and Malpighiaceae families. I am also interested in systematic and evolutionary botany, involving investigation of phylogenetic relationships using a range of experimental approaches, including evidences from molecular data and paleobotany.